How to: S60 3rd ed phone memory + Ubuntu

Because recently I got a new smart phone (Nokia 6124c), I was struggling to get it working with my Ubuntu Linux. Googling around, I found this solution, based on obextool. It worked, but I found it rather complicated, and the tk interface of obextool – a really mess.

So, I found this simpler solution:

Step 0 – Requirements: pc, S60 Phone with mini-usb, mini-usb cable, ubuntu or other linux distro, internet connection.

Step 1: download latest ObexFTP, ObexFS source packages from: here. Note: it doesn’t work with repository packages of obexftp, obexfs.

Step 2: compile and install (usually ‘./configure && make && make install‘ but you might need some dev packages installed, including tcl-dev, libfuse-dev)

Step 3: create a mount point: `mkdir ~/Phone’

Step 4: connect the phone via usb cable, then mount it with: `obexfs -u 1 ~/Phone’

This is it, you may browse your phone memory in Nautilus or whatsoever file-manager you use.

There is also possible to use bluethoot as the connection between phone and PC, but I don’t have one, so I can’t tell how. Anyway, `obexfs –help’ will tell you what to do.

Further reading: Open Obex Trac.

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  1. Alex

    nu ar fi mai simplu sa folosesti windoze si softul cu care a venit telefonul? ;)

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