Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Because today I moved my blog from Blogger to a local WordPress instalation, I was trying to move all my posts & comments here.

The Blogger Import function from WordPress 2.6 (available in Admin -> Manage -> Import -> Blogger) didn’t work, maybe Google doesn’t want to authorize WordPress to access my blog data.

Anyway, what I did was:

  • first, export my Blogger posts, using a function available only in the draft version (beta) of Blogger as stated in here. I’ve got a big XML file.
  • then, using the RSS import module in WordPress (Admin -> Manage -> Import -> RSS), I imported all the posts. LE: for categories to work, use the modified module from below;
  • after that, I exported all the comments from Blogger, using <blog url>/feeds/comments/default?max-results=1000 -> Save As… -> comments.xml
  • finally, I modified the RSS module to accept also the comments file format; PHP file, rss.php, is available for download here, compressed; I moved it to <wordpress installation dir>/wp-admin/import/rss.php ; with this new one, I imported the comments.
  • That’s it!

Note: this solution only works as described before and is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. It is just a workaround till one of Blogger authorization/Wordpress import plugin gets fixed.

It took me 5 hours of googling, browsing wp documentation, analysing xml, coding php, to get it to work, but I’m happy, and I’m blogging about it!

7 Responses to “Moving from Blogger to WordPress”

  1. Weasel, the Geek

    Pai treaba e ca Google/Blogger nu vor sa-i parasesti, de-asta fac cat mai dificil transferul articolelor.

  2. Giuco

    Asta e buna de stiut…va veni ziua cand si io o sa trebuiasca sa fac asta.

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