Howto: Gmail Voice and Video Chat on Ubuntu Linux

This information is outdated and should not be used, since there is a version of Google Talk Plugin working wonderfully on Linux.

The Gmail Team at Google recently released Voice and Video chat for Gmail, available via a browser plugin. Unfortunately the plugin is only available for Mac and Windows systems.

Digging a little, I found that is possible to use this functionality also on Linux, in my case Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. As far as I tested, this method offers only audio (voice) functionality, because of some Wine limitations.

For this to work, you’ll need the browser plugin to be installed on Windows.

What you have to do is:

  1. Install the latest version of Wine.
  2. Download Firefox 3 for Windows and install it under Wine. LE: also install Adobe Flash Player
  3. Modify this file, replace alex with your username.
  4. Using wine’s Registry Editor (~/.wine/drive_c/windows/regedit.exe) import gmail.reg.
  5. Copy from a windows installation the next files from Documents and Settings (preserving directories structure) into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/alex/ (replacing alex with your username):

/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Google Talk Plugin/googleadapter.dll
/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Google Talk Plugin/googletalkax.dll
/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Google Talk Plugin/googletalkplugin.dll
/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Google Talk Plugin/googletalkplugin.exe
/Application Data/Mozilla/plugins/npgoogletalk.dll

Open Firefox from Applications->Wine->Programs->Mozilla Firefox and check if the Google Talk Plugin NPAPI appears installed (Tools->Addons->Plugins).

If everything went right, you may now happily use the voice capabilities of the new Gmail Videochat feature, on your Ubuntu Linux Installation!

LATER EDIT: Because of the popularity of this post (+1000 views), I also made a small script doing all of this for you, you can download it from here and use it at your own risk.

Gmail Voice and Video chat on Ubuntu using Wine

55 Responses to “Howto: Gmail Voice and Video Chat on Ubuntu Linux”

  1. Dave

    This is the best voice chat for Linux that I know of. Thanks very much for your efforts in making it available via Wine! I can hear someone talking to me better than with any other program I’ve used. Unfortunately, they can’t hear me, although my mike is unmuted and my audio sounds good locally.

  2. Dave

    Played around with KMix controls & switches in CentOS 5.2 & finally got mic to work. Thanks again for figuring out how to use Voice & Video Chat in Linux.

  3. Alex Eftimie

    You welcome! For me it’s just amazing how far wine it is now. I’m getting used to see windows programs just working with wine.

  4. Shekhar Tiwatne

    Great work. Many thanks.
    I really wish all google apps especially this video chat be released for Linux.

  5. Sijo

    Hello Alex

    Iam unable to find the dll files in Windows machine.

    Could you please send the files to me

    Email removed

  6. ahmed

    I’ve tried the described way several times on opensuse 11.1 64 bits but nothing happens.

    when i open firefox , there’s no plugins installed.

    I don’t see a step were we actually install the plugin, and the folder we copy the files to, is not related to firefox anyway.

    something seems missing here, becuase according to the steps described, we didn’t modify firefox in anyway. please help


  7. Alex Eftimie

    ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/$USER/Application Data/Mozilla/plugins/npgoogletalk.dll this is a dll affecting Firefox.

    Do you open suse’s firefox, or firefox you just have installed in wine? You must use wine’s version, that is available in Applications->Wine->Programs->Mozilla Firefox menu.

  8. ahmed

    Hi alex:

    Thanks a lot for your help, it seems that file “~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/$USER/Application Data/Mozilla/plugins/npgoogletalk.dll” was the missing part, i copied this file from my windows installation, and added it to c_drive/program files/mozilla/plugins, and now it works :-)

    Thanks again :)

  9. Sijo Joy

    It works fine for me.

    Thanks a lot Alex

  10. Khabil Icha

    hi :( when i install the GoogleVoiceAndVideoSetup.exe installer , no thing appear and the web page of google to assistance the use of video on microsot os×80070057&extracode1=0×00000000&extracode2=0&app={D0AB2EBC-931B-4013-9FEB-C9C4C2225C8C}&guver={41ABCD34-E4BB-11DD-879C-00219BF1AFA5}&uid={41ABD342-E4BB-11DD-879C-00219BF1AFA5}&iid=&source=updatecheck

    Help meeeee :(

  11. Alex Eftimie

    On what operating system are you trying to install GoogleVoiceAndVideoSetup.exe?

  12. Khabil Icha

    i am using ubuntu , and i install wine and after firefox.exe


  13. Alex Eftimie

    Well, you cannot install googlevideoandvoice on wine, because of missing BITS implementation.

    You have two options:
    1. if you have windows installed, copy dll’s from there (as described above in this tutorial)
    2. if you don’t have windows, try the installation script you can download from here: wget ; chmod +x gmailvoice.bash ; ./gmailvoice.bash

  14. Khabil Icha

    In first time an error appeared that an error of wirefire to stop the googleupdate.exe to access to internet ,but now it open the pageof google help to how configure on miscrosoft os :| but i am on ubunto !!

  15. Alex Eftimie

    well, then use the script!

  16. Khabil Icha

    I have copy them into the folders , i have done all the steps ! i will execute the script maybe it works :|

  17. Khabil Icha

    Sorry what mean this , firefox 3 for windows is installed and i use it also ???

    icha@laptop:~/filesTo$ chmod +x gmailvoice.bash
    icha@laptop:~/filesTo$ ./gmailvoice.bash
    This script will put in place the required files for Gmail Voice and Video plugin to work with Firefox installed in wine
    Prior to this, you must install wine, firefox for windows and adobe flash player
    Error: Firefox 3 for Windows not found.
    You can download and install it from:

  18. Alex Eftimie

    Hm, try to modify the line “exit -2″ with “#exit -2″ in the script, and run it again.

  19. Khabil Icha

    Ok the problem i think that as i could not put the firefox into “$USER /.wine/drive_c/Program Files/” i put under $USER/firefox ,

    because when i select /.wine space an error that no suffisent space there :( , i don’t understand how this

  20. Alex Eftimie

    this doesn’t sound good. i don’t know how is firefox arranging its files, it might not look for the plugin dll’s where you put them.

    Anyway, did you also installed Adobe Flash Plugin for windows? it is required for the gmail voice and video plugin to work.

  21. Khabil Icha

    Yes i install it “adobe flash plugin ” ,

    When we choice firefox 3 folder in the installation step , when i put :
    ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/$USER/Application Data i have the error no space sufficient , in this case i create one folder FireFox up to ~/.wine !!!

    here is the problem source, It must into wine not out of wine space !

    ” Download Firefox 3 for Windows and install it under Wine. LE: also install Adobe Flash Player ” What mean under Wine ,in the repository of wine ,

  22. Alex Eftimie

    No, there’s no such wine repository, but you must install it in drive_c/program files.

    Try installing Firefox again, but this time, choose “C:\Program Files” (don’t go with z: your home) or go for standard installation at setup.

  23. Anand

    Great post. Good job Alex. This post is definitely going to my bookmarks


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  25. Kaamajakaaya

    Keep working ,great job!

  26. Argonist

    Hallo Alex,

    very very good, but I cannot see my video on setting at googlemail. googlemail can access my webcam isight, but cannot use it. what is the problem?


  27. Alex Eftimie

    Hi Argonist, unfortunatelly, webcams are not officially supported by wine, so i can do nothing about it :(

  28. Shekhar Tiwatne

    Thanks for excellent howto. There are some other options available too. But I did not feel comfortable storing google password with these apps. And ofcourse this howto (the script) worked flawlessly for me on Ubuntu 8.10 . Thanks again!

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  30. gtalX in ubuntu

    To all people,

    I spent some time trying to run Gtalk voice chat

    I finally found a software
    and it is a Gtalk OS version. I runs very neice on my Ubuntu Interpid
    You have to compile it. if anyone needs binaries for interpid I could email them.

    Have a nice chat!

  31. Johnny

    Are the comments here real or do you just make them up? The reason I’m asking is because they seem kind of fishy. No offense :)

  32. admin

    @Johnny: there is a lot of spam, i need to get time to clean it up.

  33. Johnny


    Got it! That make’s sense to me.

  34. anvelope auto

    super tare, mersi pt post ;)

  35. AK

    Thanks Alex for excellent howto. But only problem is Video Chat.
    The voice chat works excellent.

    Any idea how Video Chat will work from gmail.

    Please advise, waiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards

  36. jakthegr8

    Nice try and very good explanation…


  37. Sijo

    I think , we can use Empathy to do google voice calls

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  39. Santosh

    hey alex, my mic isnt working , i think it is not integrated with wine..

  40. admin

    @Santosh: check in your wine preferences, audio output.

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  44. max

    does this work on any other disort of Linux? tried this process with Fedora 10, it did not work.

  45. Dave

    I believe Google has updated Voice & Video because it stopped working & I now get a menu item for “new” voice & video.

    Have others had the same experience? Any solution?


  46. Dave

    It’s working again, without changing the setup.


  47. alfar

    in ubuntu 9.10 the GoogeTalk files from the windows installation should be copied into the following folder:


  48. Alex Eftimie

    @alfar: thanks for the tip.

    Last week I tried gtalk voice in Empathy and then Pidgin in ubuntu 9.10, both worked fine for me, so there is no need to do this hacking any more.

    Anyway, due to Linux Chromium popularity, I think that Google will son release a native Linux version of the plugin.

  49. alfar

    well.. regarding my previous post.. I guess I was wrong.. those files have to be in both folders..

  50. Hmm

    Could you make a soft link to the “Google Talk Plugin” folder instead? Have any better solutions appeared since before? My webcam isn’t recognized by Skype.

  51. Alex Eftimie

    A soft link would work, of course.

    This post is pretty old (November 2 years ago), since then I’ve been using succesfully Empathy and Pidgin for both audio and video chat over GTalk (although sometimes video hangs).

  52. Foysal

    I tried with tutorials. I have all the dll files in the right place. After I opening the firefox using wine I did not find the above mention plugin.
    I sign in GMAIL but no audio video options are available.
    What should I do now?
    Thank you for helpd

  53. petrvlk

    you scrip end on this:
    lejla@lejla-desktop:~/Plocha$ fixme:system:SetProcessDPIAware stub!
    fixme:dwmapi:DwmIsCompositionEnabled 0x32fcd4

  54. Dita

    wow. how did you do this? it works. well for me needs several hours since i am really really a newbie in ubuntu. thank you very much!

  55. Enormous

    Great Job Mr.Eftimie, we managed to get it to work on Linux thanks to one of our colleagues who understood these directions better than an economist…Best of luck forward ! E.

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