PackageKit backend for Software Center: late week 4 report

Since third week’s report was no report – basically because I was delayed by missing parts in the architecture (the saga hasn’t finished yet), I’m posting this late 4th week report:

Workspace 1_003Yep, the PK InstallBackend is shaping up :D !

Unfortunately, the only machine running this code is mine, the reason being this chain of dependencies:

- static Python bindings for PK are dead

- PK gi depends on pygobject invoke-rewrite branch of J5 (which isn’t
yet merged into master, but will make it to 3.2 release);

- PK gi breaks statically loaded glib in software-center master; therefore, the -gtk3 port of software-center should be used;

- software-center-gtk3 isn’t ready for merging into trunk – experimental design changes towards a friendlier 5.0 are being done.

Therefore I’m testing the install/remove routines on the small modules, such as the PendingView in the above screenshot, waiting for components stabilization.

Next week – and probably until week 6 report, I will continue work on the install parts and start developing the PK PackageInfo class.

PS: I’m undecided if I should make my reports biweekly or milestone based :-/

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