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PackageKit backend for Software Center: short week 9 report

Hi all,

It’s nice to write to you again. I’ve been having a 10 days vacation (that’s why there was no week 8 report), enjoyed it and now I’m back with fresh forces.

This short (started slowly on Tuesday) week’s activity regards:
- almost fixing a bug that prevents my PackageKit software-center from prime time: package information isn’t correctly refreshed after an installation/removal
- starting work on the openSUSE integration (the corresponding Distro class, removal of forgotten apt related imports, dependency identification and testing).

I will continue work on this side and hope that by the end of the next week, will have everything working and up for testing in openSUSE.

Cya :-)

NB: I will have to provide for testing a trunk version of pygobject since a release is delayed by another awaited merge;

PackageKit backend for Software Center: short week 7 report

Short weekly report is short, this week’s achievements:

- fixed the install/remove simulation bits (it can now tell what packages will be removed after applying changes)

- improved PackageInfo testing (works with both AptCache and PackageKit)

- found the problem with dynamic/static libs conflict: it is gio statically loaded from gtk and then Gio dynamically loaded from PackageKitGlib; loading Gio before everything seems to fix the conflict for now;

- got another round of refactor changes into trunk, thanks to mvo; this way my PK branch is one step closer to merging into software-center

ktnxbye :-)

PackageKit backend for Software Center: week 6 report

Hi everyone, for this week report I would like to show you a screencast with the packagekit-backend branch of software-center:

As you can see in the video above, I’m using PackageKit in Software Center for the install/remove operations and also for fetching package information, such as summary, description and version.

The install backend lacks updates and addon management; also the dependency simulation is missing. For package information, work is still needed into getting license, installed_size and other custom fields, but all these seam doable.

Before you jump into running it by yourself, please note that to get PackageKit introspection working, you need the invoke-rewrite branch of pygobject, which will hopefully be merged into main and released next week.

This milestone being set, my work continues by completing the backend and then moving forward to other things such as optimizing or distro integration, packaging and testing :-)

PackageKit backend for Software Center: short week 5 report

This week I continued work on the install backend, especially connecting the PackageKit transaction signals to the software-center’s TransactionWatcher (also abstracted by me some time ago).

The challenge stands in differences from PackageKit and AptDaemon, such as in AD, after preparing a transaction and manually commiting it,  one has access to the transaction object, and can watch for progress changes; in PK, after a transaction is launched, there are two ways of getting access to it: first by listening to a TransactionListChanged signal in D-Bus and second by watching the objects returned by the progress_callback callback.

The current approach, helped closely by hue-see (hughsie) on #PackageKit is to get the transactions from the callback and listen to the gobject notify::<property> signals.

More to come next week, stay tuned!