PackageKit backend for Software Center: week 6 report

Hi everyone, for this week report I would like to show you a screencast with the packagekit-backend branch of software-center:

As you can see in the video above, I’m using PackageKit in Software Center for the install/remove operations and also for fetching package information, such as summary, description and version.

The install backend lacks updates and addon management; also the dependency simulation is missing. For package information, work is still needed into getting license, installed_size and other custom fields, but all these seam doable.

Before you jump into running it by yourself, please note that to get PackageKit introspection working, you need the invoke-rewrite branch of pygobject, which will hopefully be merged into main and released next week.

This milestone being set, my work continues by completing the backend and then moving forward to other things such as optimizing or distro integration, packaging and testing :-)

3 Responses to “PackageKit backend for Software Center: week 6 report”

  1. Michael

    Absolutely awesome!
    Notice your running with “disable-buy” will the packagekit port not work with paid apps? Presumabely Fedora and openSuse won’t want this feature, but surely it’s desirable for SLED and Red Hat

  2. Alex Eftimie

    hi, the –disable-buy is only to disable Canonical’s store built inside software-center.

    Another stores for buying comercial applications can be added and supported by any distro, but it doesn’t make the scope of my project :-)

  3. Grego

    i cant see fedora using this but i might be wrong, maybe they’d use it in F17? as Fedora is completely, though i think Richard Hughes would be rather annoyed if Fedora were to take on Software Centre. Mandrival doesnt use it, so i cant see Fedora using it either. i dont think there would be muck gained from using Software Centre and the Add/Remove PackageKit

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