PackageKit backend for Software Center: short week 7 report

Short weekly report is short, this week’s achievements:

- fixed the install/remove simulation bits (it can now tell what packages will be removed after applying changes)

- improved PackageInfo testing (works with both AptCache and PackageKit)

- found the problem with dynamic/static libs conflict: it is gio statically loaded from gtk and then Gio dynamically loaded from PackageKitGlib; loading Gio before everything seems to fix the conflict for now;

- got another round of refactor changes into trunk, thanks to mvo; this way my PK branch is one step closer to merging into software-center

ktnxbye :-)

3 Responses to “PackageKit backend for Software Center: short week 7 report”

  1. tretas


    I’m loving to follow your posts but, could you please update what it’s DONE in your calendar:

    It would help to keep track of what’s accomplished and what’s not.

    Thank you and keep up with your amazing work :)

  2. Alex Eftimie

    Calendar updated, thanks for the heads up, and the kind words!

  3. tretas

    You welcome! :) Your Job is REALLY COOL. Would like to test S-C as soon as it gets available to OpenSuse. This is going to be awesome!!! :D a cross-distro s-c – it can’t get any better :D

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