PackageKit backend for Software Center: short week 9 report

Hi all,

It’s nice to write to you again. I’ve been having a 10 days vacation (that’s why there was no week 8 report), enjoyed it and now I’m back with fresh forces.

This short (started slowly on Tuesday) week’s activity regards:
- almost fixing a bug that prevents my PackageKit software-center from prime time: package information isn’t correctly refreshed after an installation/removal
- starting work on the openSUSE integration (the corresponding Distro class, removal of forgotten apt related imports, dependency identification and testing).

I will continue work on this side and hope that by the end of the next week, will have everything working and up for testing in openSUSE.

Cya :-)

NB: I will have to provide for testing a trunk version of pygobject since a release is delayed by another awaited merge;

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