AppStream Software Center on Fedora

Watching software-center code changes, this one came into my attention: an effort from Giovanni Campagna into bringing Software Center to Fedora, using the PackageKit backend I’ve been working on this summer.

It’s nice to see someone showing interest, and also picking up the code :) .

I must definitely get the time to fix my experimental OBS build, and see the openSUSE version running again. For the record, there is room for improvement on the performance part (especially starting up speed).

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  1. Nux

    Yup, Fedora could use a decent graphical front-end to PackageKit. I’m really curious where this is going.

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  3. jedibeeftrix

    thank you for your efforts, i hope to see this GTK3 software centre implemented in opensuse 12.2. :)

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