PackageKit backend for Software Center: week 2 report

A week of fail and win has almost ended.

On the fail part, I had a hard time building pygobject, gobject-introspection and glib from At first I’ve trying pulling from git, configuring and building, without luck. Then I switched to jhbuild, which after a few sanitychecks, bootstraps and configuration, worked; a day after I found that I’m on the stable branch (-2-28/gnome-3) which wasn’t good enough for my aim at patching master, and have switched branches to master, trying build -n. Of course it didn’t work until I hacked PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include paths such as /usr/share/pkgconfig, /usr/lib/pkgconfig and /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkgconfig – with help from walters on #introspection. This week my hard drive was about to die – because of a bug in the kernel driver for ata, it was reset every 30 seconds, causing everything to freeze. Different liveCDs have failed, the symptoms were ambigous and hard to reproduce – almost an entire day of fun.

On the win side, I figured out the hdd problem, and locked the kernel version to 2.6.38-9 for now. Hacked pygobject, posted patch in bugzilla B-), I’m one step further into making packagekit python bindings work; also I used the remaining time to push forward some more preparation refactor on software-center.

I have also updated the GSoC timeline – I’ll try to keep it up to date.

For the next week, same objectives remain.

PS: If you’re a python hacker and feel like helping out :-) , please check this bug report out.

PackageKit backend for Software Center: week 1 report

This week was a good week for coding, and the best part about it: most of my changes are now in s-c’s upstream trunk.

I started out trying to populate s-c database with only a few applications; this meant updating the update-software-center tool, and also changing some bits on the database update module. I was glad to discover that some functionality I have planned to develop in week 6 (parsing AppStream app-data xmls) was already there, thus making my job easier :-)

After that, work continued by abstracting backend parts, such as InstallBackend and TransactionsWatcher, and also isolating as much as posible apt and apt_pkg usage. I have then expanded the PackageInfo abstraction to implement a dictionary like interface, containing _Package objects (before that, apt.Package were returned). It took some small steps, and sometimes mistakes from my side, but in the end, I guess I have got it done right. Work still needs to be done regarding usage of candidate and installed properties (which currently are apt.Version objects), and also on AptCache try_install_and_*depends methods (this should be either abstracted, either made apt-backend specific.

At the end of the week, preparing the next point of focus, I have managed to get a developing environment with PackageKit with Python gobject introspection data. Here comes the bad news: the py GI for packagekit is not ready for prime time. Reasons for that: GI is relatively new, there are no other users of PK from Python (only C and Vala). With help from ximion, hughsie, dantti and tomeu (and many other kind souls on #PackageKit, #introspection or #python), we isolated the problem inside pygobject, apparently an incomplete implementation of GPtrArray. I hope to get it fixed next week :-) , so that I can continue work with PK.

Although I am a bit worried seeing segfaults in Python, it’s a sunny day out here (so I can finish my report on a non-technical note) so I’m sure that with help from these awesome people on IRC,  problem will be solved, and my project will continue according to the plan.

Next week: gi ninja and more PK!

PackageKit backend for Software Center: week 0 report

Not much to say about this first week of gsoc (Exams period hasn’t finished yet), so here it comes:

- had an IRC meeting with mentor vuntz of openSUSE and mvo of Ubuntu (the initial software-center author), got some things cleared up and planned the development

- according to my timeline, I now have the trunk version of software-center running in Debian wheezy; there is still work to do, but is an encouraging start;


- work on a dummy install backend and a dummy package info provider; probably create an elegant way of switching backends;

other stuff:

- got interviewed for the openSUSE news :-)

This is it. See you next week.

GSoC 2011: PackageKit and AppStream integration for Software Center

Hi everyone,

Just a quick announce that I will be working this summer as a GSoC student, for the openSUSE Project. My mentor will be Vincent Untz, the so called “father of GNOME 3″ :-)

What I’m aiming to do is modify Ubuntu Software Center to use PackageKit (an universal package management toolkit) as a installation backend, and also integrate it with the AppStream initiative (a cross-distro project for making software installation easier).

My full proposal can be read here (fixed). Feedback and suggestions are, as always, appreciated.

I would like to thank ROSEdu (which I am a member of) for the support ;-)

How to scrobble Youtube on

Are you a, Chrome and Youtube user/visitor? There’s a simple extension (actually there are many), to scrobble Youtube muisc videos to

Enjoy: !

In the meantime

Se termină facultatea

Azi noapte a fost balul nostru de absolvire. Ne-am uitat unii la costumele celorlalți, ne-am tratat cu „domnule”, „domnișoară”, am dansat bine, am râs apoi am dansat din nou. Când DJ-ul a lovit cu „Ani de liceu” eu am încercat să-mi amintesc fețele din anul I (un exercițiu destul de dificil, având în vedere că se crăpa de dimineață).

Nu știu (bine, știu, dar realizez mai greu) când au trecut acești 4 ani de facultate. Știu că a fost frumos, știu că a fost o alegere bună, știu că am cunoscut oameni de valoare, știu că, just for the fun, m-aș înscrie din nou în anul I. Da, facultatea asta are și părțile ei rele, dar privită ca un întreg este super în regulă. În spatele catedrei sunt mulți oameni tineri (energici) care depun efort pentru menținerea calității învățământului și inovarea metodelor de predare.

Am văzut că se practică, voi continua acest post cu un review pe ani al materiilor pe care le-am avut, ce mi-a plăcut și ce nu.

Go poli!

LE: coleguții:

colegi la bal

Eat. Sleep. Web

Primiți cu Web-ul ?

Incepând cu această săptămână, studenții Facultății de Automatică și
Calculatoare au ocazia să descopere web-ul prin intermediul
antreprenorilor și dezvoltatorilor ce îl construiesc. Conferințele “Eat.
Sleep. Web.” demarează în această joi, 13 mai, ora 14:00, in sala EC105,
cu doua prezentări interesante:

Social Games: De la idee la implementare – Bobby Voicu, Vlad Balan ([1])

Mobile: Cum sa dezvolti aplicatii software pe Android – Alex Novac

Pentru mai multe informații consultați pagina conferinței la